Joining Policy

First, and most important, you don’t need to be a crack shot to join us; we’re happy to welcome novices and casual shooters. If you want to become more proficient, then we have the qualified instructors to help you.

New members serve a probationary period of four visits within three months during which time they are assessed by the committee for their general demeanour, attitude, behaviour and observance of the club rules and safety policy.

During that time they may only attend when a committee member is present, and they are not entitled to host any guests.

At the end of this period the club committee will determine whether the membership should be confirmed or revoked. In the event that the membership is not confirmed a proportion of the subscriptions paid will be refunded.

Sometimes we have experienced shooters joining us from other clubs or other regions, and if they are personally known to two or more committee members and meet other criteria the probation period may be waived.

For more detail see see our general rules. Then, perhaps download our application form.

The Legal Stuff

Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 prevents some past offenders with criminal records and those who have received custodial sentences (even suspended) from having access to firearms; this includes airguns.

When you come to Shebbear Shooters for the first time as a guest or as a potential new member you will be asked to confirm that you are not excluded from handling firearms by the terms of the act. As a member you will have an obligation to inform the club if there are changes to your circumstances in this respect.

If you wish to explore this, confidentially, prior to visiting please make contact with us by phone or email. Again, you may wish to look at our general rules


The adult subscription is currently £36, with £18 for juniors. Anyone joining part way through the year pays a first year sub based upon the number of months or part month still to run, plus one month.

Range fees are £1 every time you come to the ground and shoot. These are payable by buying strips of tickets in advance, 5 at a time. The club keeps the counterfoil. Each time you come, you “spend” a ticket by writing the date on the back and putting it into the ticket box. In this way, no money is held on club premises and a record is kept of who has attended and when. Established members can invite guests, whom they sponsor and “pay for” by using two of their own range tickets, writing the guest’s name on the back, along with the date.